Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mermaid's Tail

Hi everyone! Today I've been working on a gorgeous sea themed mani! I started off with my own frakenpolish Mermaid's Tail which was featured in my last post. It's such a pretty polish I really wanted to do it justice and show you guys how nice it looks by itself. Here it is in one, two and three coats.
I wanted to really make this mani pop so I slathered on a liberal amount of La Femme's Purple Glitter and Cosmix which I got off amazon for a bargain! I think I maybe have gone a little overboard with the glitter (you mean there's such thing as too much glitter?) but it looks great under the decal.
Here it is in it's full glory! How cute are those little seahorses? Too cute! I used the MoYou Sailor 04 plate which is one of my favourite as it has some beautiful sea designs. To stamp I used Barry M's Gold Foil which is a godsend when you're still new to stamping and added my trusty Barry M Topcoat. I think Gold Foil is by far my favourite stamping polish as it always comes out perfect although I haven't had much success stamping with other Barry Ms.
Weirdly enough my unlike my camera my iphone takes great photos of my nails that always make the colours look lovely and vivid! This was taken with lots of sunlight a few days after I painted my nails. Despite the tiny bit of wear and tear I think they still look fab!
For anyone interested in the La Femme sets, Amazon are selling sets of 9 for £7-9 here which are an absolute bargain! I bought the Hexagonal Glitter set which I completely love and at 88p each with free shipping how could you not?


  1. I have nominated your awesome blog for the Versatile Blogger Award :)